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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 31, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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beginning at 8:00 eastern. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. thank for being with me oon this monday afternoon. jake tapper is back. "the lead" starts right now. kanye west. i'm going to let you finish, but donald trump had one of the wildest months in presidential politics. i'm jake tapper. this is the lead. the politics lead with mr. trump pinning the presidential race like a wrecking ball. another candidate has quietly popped up next to him in a brand new poll. is dr. ben carson the prescription for republicans who are totally sick of politicians? the national lead, shot in the back, killed in cold blood. the man accused of ambushing a deputy execution-style paraded in court today. was the father of two killed simply because of his badge? >> the worldly, do you even lift comrade? vladimir putin showing off as
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the u.s. flexes muscle of its own trying to keep russia from trying to run over another neighbor. good afternoon everyone. welcome to the lead. i'm jake tapper. objects in rearview mirror may be closer than they appear. if you're donald trump or hillary clinton and today you woke up and decided to ignore that warning, well, you might not like what you see over your shoulder. the des moines register iowa poll released over the weekend shows dr. ben carson and vermont senator bernie sanders nipping at the respective heels of donald trump and hillary clinton and today you can smell the rubber burning in trump world as another big yellow caution flag comes out for the man in the front of the pack because donald trump now has to share the front-runner title with carson. at least in iowa, at least according to one poll from monmouth university. let's get to political correspondent dana bash now that
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carson is pulling even with him in iowa, how long will that last? >> knowing him, not so much. this poll you were talking about, it really reinforces the number one message so far from republican voters this election cycle. that is, if you're a senator, governor, congressman, just a regular politician. they're not interested. a reality star, a position for president. now you're talking. >> donald trump is now getting a run for his money in iowa by another nonpolitician. >> thank you very much. >> ben carson. a new poll has the pediatric neurosurgeon at 23%. neck and neck with the billionaire who had been uncharacteristically easy on carson. >> he's a nice guy. i can't hit him. he's been so nice to me. it's true. i cannot hit him. >> even more evidence that voters are desperate for a political outsider behind trump and carson and this new poll is former ceo carly fiorina at 10%. none of the three has ever been in elected office.
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fourth, ted cruz, freshman senator who appeals as an outsider and fifth place, scott walker. >> the only thing constant is trump. >> it's still trump setting his sights on long time adviser huma abedin. questioning her judgment being married to anthony weiner who resigned after tweeting lewd pictures of himself. >> she's married to anthony weiner, the little bing, bing. he raised question whether she shared classified information. he said huma abedin, the wife of perf sleaze bag was a major security risk as a collector of info. a clinton spokesman called trump disgraceful saying donald trump
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has spent the summer saying things about women and personal attacks against a staff member. make no mistake, trump is staying on the offensive inside the gop. releasing this new instagram video against jeb bush. >> it's an act of love. >> trump is clearly having an impact on policy. by pulling man in the gop field to the right on immigration. wisconsin governor scott walker now says he's open to a wall, not just with mexico but canada. >> law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. that is a legitimate issue to look at. >> chris christie signed on to an idea to stop immigrants from overstaying visas illegally by tracking them fedex style. >> a system that tracks you when you come in. when your time is us, we get you and tap you on the shoulder and say excuse me, thanks for coming, time to go. >> that's also an example of a politician, chris christie,
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showing that he gets innovation happens in business and that the government doesn't always get it. but jake, voters may not be listening. the latest polls show 56% of cauc caucus-goers would rather have somebody outside of government even positive experience. that may be another reason why scott walker dropped 15 points in a moont. >> trump, carson, fiorina. all three, none held elective office. thank you very much. let's talk about the democratic field. a lot of unrest with joe jones. clinton still leaning in iowa. but this poll out from the des moines register poll show she's lost a third of her support among democrats since may. >> yeah. extraordinary. it invites a comparison to what happened to hillary clinton's campaign in 2008. though some would say it's too early to make that jump. what we do know is how a strong bernie sanders is running in iowa and his supporters appear
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to be excited about his campaign and that's what the latest poll out of iowa is telling us. >> that is not hillary clinton's position. >> bernie sanders ratcheting up his rhetoric against the front-runner as a new poll shows him surging in iowa. clinton still leads in the early voting state. 37% to 30%. but the trend is troubling for her. in may, clinton was at 57%. but since then, she's lost a staggering third of her support. >> this is going to be competitive. it should be competitive. it's only the presidency of the united states we're talking about. >> she's been called the inevitable nominee before and maintained she's always expected the race to heat up. >> we need a movement which takes on the economic and political establishment -- >> sanders' popularity growing as he draws a sharper contrast with the policy differences dividing the two candidates. >> i believe we should expand social security by lifting the cap on taxable income.
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that's not hillary clinton's position. i believe that we've got to raise the minimum wage over a period of several years to 15 bucks an hour. not hillary clinton's position. i voted against the war in iraq. hillary clinton voted for it. >> meanwhile, she's pursuing a more aggressive approach to the e-mail controversy that has long dogged her campaign. >> i know people have raised questions about my e-mail use as secretary of state, and i understand why. i get it. i never sent any classified material, nor received any marked classified. >> but the questions over her use of a private e-mail server are sure to continue as the state department releases another batch of her e-mails tonight. the release will include roughly 150 e-mails that have been retroactively upgraded to classified. democrats polled in iowa largely said clinton's use of e-mail didn't bother them. but one sign of concern, those who support sanders said they felt more strongly about him than those who said they backed
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clinton. and what if joe biden gets into the race? the des moines register also asked about that and said the vice president got 14%. he takes away roughly the same amount of support from each of the frontrunners on the democratic side. >> unpredictable on both sides. democrats and republicans. >> republican strategist is here and patty solis is here. >> lots of hits fast and furious in addition to poll numbers. i want to start with this instagram, kevin. the donald trump posted today taking a whack at jeb bush on immigration. let's post that. >> yes. they broke the law. but it's not a felony. it's kind -- it's an act of love. >> that is some tough stuff. i have heard some commentators compare that to the willie horton ad that was run against jeb bush's father's opponent,
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mike dukakis a while ago. dating myself. >> i think three things. the first is that donald trump knows that this immigration issue is really what brought him a lot of goodwill with some of his supporters. the more he keeps hammering on it, the more they like it. the second thing is he loves going after jeb bush. he knows, a, it's going to get more attention and he also knows that it's allowing him to consolidate this anti-establishment support. anti-establishment fervor within the party out there. he gets so much free media out of this. an instagram account will be played over and over again. it's free advertising for him. he's done it really well since his entrance into the race a few weeks ago. >> patty, i would be remiss if we acted like the tough talk was only from republicans. i want you to listen to something hillary clinton said on the subject of immigration and illegal immigrants and rounding up the 11 million on
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friday night. >> i find at the height of irony that a party which espouses small government would want to unleash a massive law enforcement effort, including national guard and others to go and literally pull people out of their homes and their workplaces, round them up, put them, i don't know, in buses, boxcars in order to take them across our border. i just find that not only absurd but appalling. >> a lot of conservatives objecting to the image of boxcars. they feel like she was trying to invoke the holocaust. people going off the concentration camps. insisting that's not what she meant. does she run a risk overplaying her hand at all by, in hoping the holocaust or seeming to, using very strong rhetoric. >> i don't think she was invoking the holocaust, first
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and foremost. i don't think she runs a risk at all. i think they've put fort a policy on immigration completely void of humanity. when hillary clinton points that out, i think it's good for her and it's good for the country. because he has set a tone that, frankly, is kind of dangerous. >> kevin, you're somebody, you're a republican establishment figure. you don't talk like donald trump on immigration and you've worked for people who have had tough policies on immigration. are you worried at all? >> i'm very worried. i think what's happened to the party is that we become fully defined on this issue by what we're against rather than what we're for. that's a very difficult place. the math is simple on this. if republicans don't do a better job of getting hispanic voters, we won't win the white house. we have to get over 40%. a lot of this other talk is a lot of noise unless we come to that realization. it's why in 2012 when the party did an autopsy, it was one of the top recommendations. we have to do a better job of
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talking to the hispanics with welcoming hispanic voters and immigrants here to this country as part of a larger economic argument. we lose that when it becomes defined by what we're against. >> patti, i want to ask you speaking about autopsies, when you look at the numbers from iowa, in which hillary clinton is losing support, your former campaign manager from the 2008 campaign, she's losing support, seems to be more excitement for bernie sanders. it might be a stretch to a lot of people to say bernie sanders equals barack obama. but do you worry for her? >> the des moines register poll came out over the weekend. i think they said it's looking like 2008 all over again. those are some powerful words, obviously i still have ptsd from that. i may not be towing the company line on this. competitive primaries, i think they're a good thing. they're good for the process and the voters. they get to kick the can or kick the tires on the candidates.
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i think they're good for the candidates, particularly hillary clinton. because she's always better when she's fighting, whether it's for women and families or the middle class or in this case for her candidacy. she's always better. i think you'll see a stronger candidate in the next few weeks. >> thank you both. really appreciate it. this programming note. you can watch the next republican presidential debates right here on cnn. they're coming up two weeks from wednesday, september 16th, at the reagan library. i will be moderating. assisted by my friends dana bash and hugh hewitt. that's two weeks from wednesday. taking the life of a deputy. line of deputies stood in silence as the accused cop killer walked into court. what about why. that's next.
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a horrible story in the national
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lead. the murder of a sheriffs deputy in texas. darren goforth was killed as he filled up his car with gas. shannon miles faced a judge in court today. prosecutors described how they say miles shot goforth f. the head and stood over the deputy and unloaded his .40 caliber pistol. let's go live to houston where the ambush happened. ed, we see mind you a massive response from the community. tell us about it. >> reporter: this is pump number 8 here at the chevron station. this is a gas station popular among sheriffs deputies in this part of northwest harris county where deputies would come and refuel and stop in for a cup of coffee and that sort of thing. over the weekend and into today, people dropping off flowers and teddy bears, messages of condolences for the family as well and taking up a collection. so far in the last couple of days, $80,000 at this location alone has been raised for the wife and two children of deputy
1:19 pm
darren goforth. >> the fellow deputies who serve with goforth, they line the walls of that courtroom earlier today. describe the emotion during that hearing. >> reporter: it was so intense, jake. shannon miles, the suspect, the man accused of murdering darren goforth, accused of capital murder who faces the death penalty. when he walked in, it was extremely quiet. several dozen sheriff's deputies inside that courtroom watching all of this unfold. the prosecutor laid out in the most detail we've heard yet just exactly how they say shannon miles ambushed and killed deputy goforth. >> he had evidently pumped gas, went inside and then was walking back to his patrol car and as you see the video, you see the male get out of the car, wearing a white t-shirt, red shorts, tennis shoes and he runs up behind deputy goforth and puts a gun to the back of his head and shoots. >> reporter: in fact, the
1:20 pm
prosecutor says he unloaded 15 times. the shell casings here. they have ballistics here that a gun later found in miles' home matches the shell casings found here at the scene, jake. >> what we didn't hear from prosecutors today was motive. but the sheriff has talked about heated rhetoric that he thinks is putting bull's-eyes on police officers. tell us about that. >> reporter: right. the day after the murder for the sheriff very intense with the anti-police rhetoric drawing a link between this shooting and the intense rhetoric we've seen over the last year since the shootings in ferguson. but when we asked again today about whether or not there's been specific motive outlined by shannon miles in any kind of questioning by investigators, the prosecutor today refused to answer those questions. >> all right. thank you soef. coming up, how do russian leaders spend their free time. if you're president putin, you're in the gym.
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welcome back to the lead. the world lead now. a deadly battle now escalating in ukraine. but this time it's the protesters on the doorstep of the parliament causing the violence. a chaotic scene in kiev when an explosion went off. a protester threw a grenade.
1:26 pm
it killed a national guard soldier. demonstrators are upset about a vote to give autonomy to sections of ukraine controlled by russian separatist is. it's as military exercises are off of russia's border. we're following this from the pentagon. jim, start us off with the anger behind the protests and this explosion. >> we're used to the russians fighting the ukrainians in the east. some are calling them national lists. the ukrainian parliament voted to give more autonomy to the eastern parts of the country where you have large russian ethnic populations. give them more autonomy, language, local government, et cetera. the folks protesting that. see it's too much of a concession to russia in effect. the government, the president who is backed by the west, he says this is just a way to maintain control of our country.
1:27 pm
there are differences of opinion. >> basically, it's a slippery slope. >> absolutely. no question. >> what's the pentagon saying about the drones it's deployed in latvia right next to russia? >> latvia, it's a baltic state and a nato ally. the u.s. nato is required to defend it if russia were to invade or in any other way threaten it. this is part of a series of military steps the u.s. has been taken. there were f-15s deployed to the baltics. doing exercises western ukraine to reassure the allies that the u.s. and nato is watching. they're watching russia and will defend against further iowe these are tightly calibrated. these drones are going to be there for 15 days, until september 15th and then they'll leave. they're trying to calibrate something that reassures without antagonizing. this is the way they're responding to fears that russia,
1:28 pm
after ukraine might set its sights on nato allies in the north. >> is there any indication that they will fly the drones, they're going to buzz around the airspace? >> they are. they're going to buzz around like the f-15s. they're trying not to threaten the russians but make this a show of force. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. meanwhile, the kremlin released a video showing president vladimir putin finally answering the age-old question. bro, do you even lift? putin is featured in this video pumping iron before putting down protein, barbecued meats and drinking tea, naturally. apparently part of putin's fit familiar. russian prime minister dmitry medvedev. often featured bare chested riding horses or hunting or fishing, somehow resisted the urge to go shirtless during this morning lift session. perhaps on leg day, he'll invade another sovereign nation.
1:29 pm
a grim warning from dick cheney. the former vice president saying he's concerned about an attack potentially worse than 9/11. this time at the hands of isis. that story next. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes
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welcome back to the lead. i'm jake tapper. topping the national lead. the u.s. may suffer a terrorist attack possibly worse than 9/11. that is the dire warning coming from none other than former vice president dick cheney. in an interview the former secretary of defense taking aim at president obama claiming he's directly responsible for the rise of isis. cheney and his daughter liz, a former deputy secretary of state are out with a new book called " exceptional. auto here's a portion of what he had to say. >> you blamed spread of isis on president obama. he says it's your fault that
1:34 pm
bush cheney left the region unstable. >> i think he's wrong. look at the record. we had a situation in which by the time we got through the surge in '07 and '08, president bush made a courageous decision and correct decision that iraq was in good shape when we left office. barack obama said as much. what happened basically was they failed to follow through. they withdrew as quickly as possible and left no stay behind force there. they created a vacuum and the vacuum was filled by isis. >> how dangerous do you really think isis is now to homeland security, american soil? >> i think extraordinarily dangerous, partly because of their ability to recruit from the united states, people to become members of isis, to go to syria, iraq and so forth. i think the danger of having those people return, having trained for example over there or their ability to motivate people in the united states and
1:35 pm
elsewhere and other parts of the world. to become ardent followers, if you will of that ideology and sacrifice themselves in the name of the killing infidels, i think that possibility is increasing. i think isis is a very dangerous indeed, especially if you think about the prospects of nuclear weapons being developed in the middle east. >> do you think we could see another major 9/11-style attack on american soil? >> i think we could see another 9/11-style attack with much deadlier weapons. i worry if they use chemicals or biological aigs or nuclear weapons. they used airline tickets and box cutters on 9/11. that was a difficult, terrible day for us. 3,000 casualties. it will be a lot worse if they find deadlier weapons. >> our thanks to jamie began gel. you can see the full interview with dick cheney and liz cheney tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. on cnn. let's talk about the battle against isis with democratic
1:36 pm
congressman adam shif, the ranking member of the house. your response to these dire warnings from the cheneys. >> well, first of all, you have to give the vice president credit for being able to say these things with a straight face, particularly to lay responsibility for the growth of isis and before isis, al qaeda and iraq at president obama's feet when there's no one more of an architect of the disaster in the middle east than dick cheney. nonetheless, in terms of the threats that he's talking about facing the country, isis has really more focused on the quantity of attacks rather than the quality of attacks. they have not as yet tried to mount a major 9/11-style assault. that doesn't mean that can't kaing change and obviously we're vigilant to any nature of change in their plotting and planning. i worry more about al qaeda, the remnants, the uap that have shown more sophistication than isis in trying to pull off the
1:37 pm
big kind of attacks. concern about isis getting its - hand on chemical weapons, nuclear weapons. now, we have reports that isis used a mustard gas, a known chemical weapon on kurdish fighters in northern iraq. is there any intelligence that you know of suggesting that isis is trying to acquire nuclear or biological weapons or chemical weapons to use in the united states? >> well, you know, i think that the public reports of isis obtaining chemicals or using chemicals are very plausible. certainly, this is a group that's shown its brutality in countless ways and if they can get ahold of chemical weapons either from saddam hussein's old stock or part of assad's stockpile before he destroyed much of it, then they will certainly use them. would they use them in the united states if they had the opportunity? i'm sure they would. that's a pretty difficult assignment to not only get ahold of those but transport them in a
1:38 pm
way that would clandestinely get into the united states. it's certainly something we'll make sure doesn't happen, do everything possible. but if they had the opportunity, they certainly have the will. >> is isis capable of carrying out a large-scale mass casualty attack on the u.s.? you said they're focused on quantity not quality. could they do quality? could they do a large-scale attack if they wanted to? >> well, at present, i would say probably not. the part of our infrastructure i worry about the most it still our aircraft. i don't think our aircraft are anywhere near as secure as they should be. so if you define one much those mass attacks, 9/11-style attacks as in bringing down aircraft, then we're still, i think vulnerable to al qaeda and potentially to isis. in terms of a massive coordinated attack involving multiple aircraft and targets, i
1:39 pm
don't think isis has that capability yet. mostly because they're so focused on trying to grab territory, hold territory. they're in the midst of a multifront war right now. but if they're allowed to hold that land unmolested and allowed to feel secure in their presence in these countries, then they will have the time and opportunity to plot a more large-scale attack. >> according to reports, isis destroyed parts of a historic temple in palmyra. we hear from the syrian observatory that isis forces are on the move in and around damascus and getting closer to the city center. how concerned are you that isis could eventually take control of the syrian capital? >> i don't think they'll take control of the syrian capital unless there's a collapse of the assad regime. that's a concern that many of us have. and that is, we all want to see assad go. it's important that there be a transition away from assad that it not be an utter collapse of the government because in that kind of environment and that kind of chaos, anything is
1:40 pm
possible. it's possible you could see elements of isis in damascus, you could see groups like news rah, of the al qaeda franchise as well. we don't want to see those scenari scenarios. there are people we are supporting and we hope to preserve some remnant of the civil service and the infrastructure of the syrian government absent bashar al assad. that is really the best case scenario, a negotiated resolution, not a pure collapse and the chaos and mayhem that may rultd. >> from your mouth congressman schiff. thank you very much. we really appreciate it. when we come back, president obama heading into the wilderness for bear grylls show. plus a hollywood shocker. the movie you may have never heard of that beat tom cruise at the box office this weekend. that's ahead.
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welcome back to the lead. i'm jake tapper. in our national lead. let's start with a trivia question. what is the highest peak in north america? did you guess mt. mckinley in alaska? >> i'm sorry. that answer would have been correct until today. why? well, today president obama officially renamed the 20,000 foot natural wonder which until today honored william mckinley, our 25th president. it's now named denali, which was its original name and what native alaskans call it. this comes as the president pushes a climate agenda during a swing. the first visit to the arctic by a sitting president. not everyone is pleased with the name change. let's get to jim acosta traveling with the president in anchorage. mr. obama catching a lot of heat
1:46 pm
from politicians in mckinley's home state of ohio. >> that's right. jake. a different kind of warming here in alaska. president obama began this trip with a splash by renaming mt. mckinley denali in honor of the native people this state. it was announced ahead of the three-day jurn toy alaska. it's aimed at sounding the alarm on climate change. jake, there's no controversy here in alaska. the state's two republican senators as well as the governor have all endorsed renaming this mountain alaskans have fought for this to happen for years, knowing that it was a gold prospector who named it after president mckinley who never set foot in the state. members of congress from mckinley's home state of ohio don't see it that way. house speaker john boehner released a statement saying, there is a reason president mckinley's name served atop the highest peak in north america for more than 100 years. that is because it is a testament to his great legacy. i am deeply disappointed in this decision. just a few moments ago, jake, i
1:47 pm
heard from the interior secretary here. sally jewel, she said her department will do everything it can to honor mckinley in other ways and the president will be moving on to his message on global warming once he arrives here later on. he's touring a glacier here before heading to northern alaska where he'll become the first sitting president to travel to the arctic. >> the vast majority of climate scientists say that climate change is real and partly caused by man. there are skeptics in congress. how big of a challenge is that for president obama and the administration? >> reporter: it's a challenge because they have to do everything admin trafl, diplomatically. donald trump be. ted cruz, others running for president have their doubt about global warming and we sat down with john kerry ahead of a conference on climate change here in alaska. he said that science cannot be disputed and sort of went off trump and cruz said they should
1:48 pm
come up and see for themselves. >> how do you take on an issue when the other side doesn't agree? >> that's one. reasons we're in alaska. because it's pretty hard, ask any alaskan, i think people in alaska will tell donald trump and tell ted cruz, it's happening. all they have to do is come here and open their minds and their eyes and their ears, listen, look and they will see the impacts of what is happening. >> now, the president has come up with a unique way to hammer home this message of climate change while he's touring some of the glaciers here outside of anchorage, jake. he's going to be linking up with reality tv star bear grylls who has that reality show "running wild." i suppose he will test his survival skills with bear grylls. i'm not sure there will be grizzly bears around. i'm sure the secret service will be nervous when the president goes out into the wild. it's all a part of the white house approach to try to get the
1:49 pm
message out there on climate change and they're going to be doing it on reality tv as well as on the news as well, jake. >> jim acosta thank you so much. now to sports lead. no deal on the deflated footballs. a judge announcing hours ago that tom brady and the nfl players association could not settle if brady had anything to do with the underinflated pigskins and how long he will sit out or not sit out for his role or nonrole in the deflategate episode. for better or worse, for john berman, he won't have to wait for long to find out if brady will ride the pine. let's talk to rachel nichols. rachel, great to see you. both brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell in court this morning. how close did they get to settling this? >> the judge certainly tried. not only did he haul brady and >> judge berman certainly tried. he ordered john mara in against the nfl's wishes by the way. i guess this is like you or me we go to a store, don't like
1:50 pm
what the clerk says and say excuse me, can we talk to the manager? maybe he wanted to go to one of his bosses but that didn't work either so they went out of court today. settlement discussions are over. the judge is going to be forced to rule on this. >> rachel when the judge announces his decision, is this finally going to be over and what do you think could brady be suiting up for the start of the season? >> our long national nightmare, we are into month eight of this but unfortunately the problem with a decision as opposed to a settlement is that decisions can be appealed and we expect that whoever loses this to go right to the court of appeals. even if the nfl wins this round tom brady could apply for a stay. we don't know he'll get injunction but you could see him lose the case and still be on the field a week from today. who knows what's going to happen? he could win this thing but then
1:51 pm
i would expect the nfl to go back to court. >> what is the status as of now if everything stays the way it s what happens to tom preyedy? >> he would not be allowed in the patriots facility starting on saturday, the beginning of "week one" and for a month he won't be allowed anywhere near gillette stadium, won't be allowed to play in any games and because of the bye week the patriots have if the suspension holds the next game he'd be back for would be against who, the indianapolis colts. the opponent they had in the game where deflate gate started in. >> cool irony of football. he turned idyllic neighborhoods into nightmares but the wes craven also had an eye for talent.
1:52 pm
what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
1:53 pm
checking out the listing on zillyeah, i like it. this place has a great backyard. i can't believe we're finally doing this. all of this... stacey, benjamin... this is daniel. you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. zillow.
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welcome back to "the lead." "straight outta" is surpassing "walk the line" to
1:56 pm
become the highest grossing musical bio pic ever. the movie about rap group nwa spent a third week atop the box office bringing the film's total to more than $130 million. also filling the seats "war room" a little known film taking many by surprise, the christian drama took second place this week with $11 million from just 1,100 screens. fa fa fandango sales indicated a higher number of tickets per trances, moviegoers bought in groups, possibly church groups, that might help explain the unexpected numbers. sony is looking to add hundreds of screens for the film this weekend. sony, ye of little faith. staying with the box office and our pop culture lead, moviegoers have lost a writer, director, producer, who got audiences to hold onto the armrests for dear life. wes craven passed away sunday from brain cancer.
1:57 pm
he was 76 years old. the horror maestro managed to make freddy krueger's fedora more scary than anything else. maybe it was that glove, too. beyond the nightmares and the screams, craven leaves behind a legacy that will frighten and delight film fans for years to come. >> what is your favorite scary movie? >> reporter: it's a simple question but made all the more difficult by wes craven, the horror flick phenom with dozens of directing credits to his name gave us a cast of cringe-worthy characters to choose from from "scream's" ghoulish ghost face to freddy krueger on the "nightmare on elm street" franchise. created killers that got under your skin in more ways than one. the ohio native turned sleepy suburban streets the kind his fans called home into tension terror filled factories that
1:58 pm
were anything be comfortable. >> do you want to die, sidney? >> reporter: "the scream" banked more than $600 million worldwide, not bad for a cleveland kid who had never seen a scary movie until he was in the middle of directing one. >> i was raised in a fundamentalist household so going to movies were considered to be evil works of the devil. >> keep repeating. >> it's only a movie. >> reporter: but after building his empire on so-called evil work such as "last house on the left," craven told cnn his films helped people to exorcise their own demons, the common fears that haunt us all. >> audiences don't pay me to scare them so much as address their fears. somebody will say you scared the oomph out of me. i say good now it's out of you. >> reporter: craven had a talent for discovering fresh faces, an unknown johnny depp reportedly
1:59 pm
landed this nagt mare role in 1984 because craven's then teen daughter found him dreamy. fans of sharon stone and bruce willis can thank craven as well. he's behind their first prominent roles in "deadly blessing." >> no, as a matter of fact all he does is tell us to get out. >> reporter: and the twilight zone" tv series. >> it's me. >> lose the outfit. if sidney sees it she'll flip. >> reporter: the former college professor and cab driver wrote novels and recently began writing a bird watching column for a local martha's vineyard magazine. but it's craven's kindness that's being highlighted in hollywood. >> in the saddle. >> reporter: freddy krueger himself actor roberteni englund tweeted a sad day on elm street and everywhere. his talent extended far beyond the flicks. he directed "music of the heart"
2:00 pm
which got meryl streep an academy award nomination. brianna keilar is right next door in "the situation room." door in "the situation room." thanks for watching. -- captions by vitac -- happening now, deadly battle. the u.s. tries to ease fears of eastern european allies deploying the same drones it uses to hunt and kill terrorists. flexing his muscle, as president putin works out for the camera, has he worked out a plan to outmuscle america in the fight for crucial resources in the arctic? in the lead, ben carson neck and neck with donald trump in iowa as the expected favorites fall way behind the gop outsiders and bernie sanders is giving hillary clinton a run for her money on the democratic side. is this the new political reality? and a rare look at the world's most heavily militarized